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Topic: Improving the section strings?

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    Improving the section strings?

    I have been kind of disappointed in the sound of the string section patches--in particular the Violins. To my ear there is too much modulation which I presume is the vibrato. I've tried various techniques suggested in the forum such as reverb, equalization, layering solo players etc with very little success.

    Tonight, I decided to listen to some of the demos which led me to purchase GPO to see if I was just not listening close enough. In listening to the first audition demo of the violin section, I hear very little of the vibrato that I am experiencing when I play the melody myself with GPO. In particular, the first three notes of the melody sound silky smooth in the demo, but on my system, the modulaton is very noticeable (like the violins are quietly gargling!)

    So. What is the secret? Was the audition demo really done with the section string patch that is in GPO? Is it ensemble building? Is there some post processing recipe that makes this great sound?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Improving the section strings?

    well, are you using a good driver for one. For example, on my laptop, I need to use ASIO4ALL to be able to use my audio card. As for the soundz themselves, not much to help there..Last week, I went around to all the sites and tried to listen to the demos - EWQLSO, VSL, Synful, Hunter...they all sucked...I've been listening to live recordings and I am afraid I have become spoiled and have conculded in dissapointment that nothing is gonna be good enuf...

    With GPO, my most successful work has been with small sections of individual instruments - 5 per group or so of mixed instrument types (strad, guarv etc). That give me the most sweetest sound. I havent tried the section + 3 layering...
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    Re: Improving the section strings?

    jrboddie, you have referred to an audition demo.
    What demo are you referring to?

    Virtually all the strings in GPO do indeed have vibrato.
    I would be happy to help you if I can. If you would post a small portion of your results, I could listen and make some recommendations. Or if you would rather not post for all to hear, you could PM me the MP3. I know of no demos that claim to be GPO, and are not exactly what they claim to be.


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    Re: Improving the section strings?

    Thank you for the replies.

    newmewzikboy, I am using ASIO4ALL, although I would not rule out the possibility of a sound card/audio system deficiency. However, I would think that such a problem would also affect other instruments or the demo itself.

    DPDAN, I would appreciate your feedback. The audition demo that I am referring to is at http://www.garritan.com/audition_hr/ in the first Violin Section Demo.

    The following link is to an mp3 which is the first 3 bars of the audition demo immediately followed by my best attempt to recreate it. I am using the cello section KS + the violins I KS patches. I am also applying the Garritan Ambience reverb with the Concert Hall 1 and -3 db Dry/Wet mix.

    The violin section does sound better when it is not so exposed and has some reverb applied. However, from the following mp3, I think you can still hear that something is off in the melody line.


    Maybe the melody intro is the Viola section??? They sound better than the strings here.

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    Re: Improving the section strings?

    Quote Originally Posted by jrboddie
    The audition demo that I am referring to is at http://www.garritan.com/audition_hr/ in the first Violin Section Demo.

    One of the unique things about GPO is its Ensemble Building feature. In addition to unison atring sections you can build your string sections one instrument at a time.

    What you are hearing in the Audition is a demo composed by Francesco Marchetti. Francesco made his own string section entirely with individual solo violins, solo violas, solo cellos and solo basses from GPO. There are no section strings in this composition whatsoever. To create his string orchestra, Francesco used 9 violins for the 1st violins section, 7 (starting at Gagliano 3 going down to the others) for the 2nd violins section, 3 violas+solo Viola, all 9 Cellos, and 3 Double Basses.

    You will notice that the instruments do separate, divisi and unison lines throughout the piece.( i.e. a little over a minute into the piece the 1st and the 2nd violins go on divisi (5&4 the 1st - 5&2 the 2nd), while violas and cellos take the lead.)

    In an orchestra the instruments are not uniform. Some instruments rise while others fall, you'll hear an instrument bob in and out, and various instruments weave in and out to make an sonic tapestry. With sampled unison sections they are static.

    To learn more about this you can visit our ensemble building page. There is an excellent tutorial there as well. http://garritan.com/GPO-ensemble.html

    Ensemble building talkes a great deal of work because you are playing each string line individually. But the results are well worth it.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Improving the section strings?


    Thank you for the detailed reply. I didn't realize that the section audition web page included demos of ensemble building. The web page you referenced, of course, makes it clear.

    I will give ensemble building another try for better results.

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