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Topic: Altiverb for Rock?

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    Altiverb for Rock?

    I've heard so much about Altiverb, I'm very interested, but I need an all-purpose reverb that works for not just room simulation but for general purpose rock/pop recordings as well, and don't have $$$ for both (at least not good ones).

    How is Altiverb at regular ol' pop/rock reverb?



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    Re: Altiverb for Rock?

    you can get good impulses of hardware reverb boxes, and if you're looking for both real sounding spaces and "all purpose" reverbs, that might be your best bet. It depends on your actual need of the real spaces tho, you might get away with an "all purpose" reverb plug, that would be WAY less processor intensive. And we all know, when you work on mixing rock/pop, you want to throw lots of plugs down.

    to be honest I wasnt super thrilled with all the impulses when I was working on the ryche record. the spring reverbs and such just didnt do it for me.
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