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Topic: Digi 001/Gigasampler?

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    Digi 001/Gigasampler?

    Does anyone know if Digidesign Digi 001 and Gigasampler might work together? I suppose they don\'t right now - maybe in the future?

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    Re: Digi 001/Gigasampler?

    One way, that was helpful to me, is to contact the sound card company re: Digi 001/Gigasampler compatibility. If nobody there has information, ask them to contact Nemesys.

    I have a Turtle Beach sound card. I had the same concerns.

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    Re: Digi 001/Gigasampler?

    I posted the question on the digidesign message board, and it seems they wont be supporting the Gigasampler. They have too much sampling/recording software of their own, and is possibly seeing Nemesys as an unusually serious competitor.

    Lots of people seem to be running Digi 001 with Gigasampler on a separate card or even separate computer, though, and that\'s obviously a high-quality combination, but then it\'s allgetting very expensive.

    I\'ll stick to the Delta series myself. Seems to be the best for the money.

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