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Topic: gigastudio on boot camp mac?

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    gigastudio on boot camp mac?

    anyone tried this yet?

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    bumpity bumpity bump

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    Re: gigastudio on boot camp mac?

    who put the bump in the bump bump bump shebump

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    Re: gigastudio on boot camp mac?

    I am wondering about the same thing, esp. if the GS editor will work?


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    Re: gigastudio on boot camp mac?

    Quote Originally Posted by hiiden
    anyone tried this yet?
    I'm trying it now (with GigaStudio 3 Ensemble), and the results so far are not good. During installation, it complained that it couldn't read one of the PDF files (associated with one of the pianos it was trying to install), and wouldn't complete the process. I checked the CD to make sure that the PDF file was present and readable (it was), and retried the install; it bluescreened. Same thing (bluescreen) on numerous retries. However, it appeared to have completed the application part of the installation (and was failing on the installation of instruments), so I tried running the application. It also bluescreened. I'm going to talk to Tascam about this; if I remember, I'll post notes about my progress here. (If I forget and you want to remind me, feel free to drop me a note via the email address on my website.)

    Stephen Malinowski
    Music Animation Machine

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    Re: gigastudio on boot camp mac?

    I'm sure I've answered this already and within the last week. Do a search........


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