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Topic: Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP product question

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    Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP product question

    So I was shopping around for a new Bass VSTi and came across Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP. Now, from what I can see there are two versions of it with exactly the same specs (as far as I can see anyways). Except one is $299 and the other is $99. I must be missing something pretty big here. I assume it has something to do with the word "Berklee" in the title, however I checked all over the site and even various search engines and nothing really said what exactly they meant by that.

    Here's the two links:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~EW-156

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~EW-156BCM

    Also, has anyone used this library before? So far the examples on the site sound great, but any other comments on it would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP product question

    Berklee's a famous music school. There are several companies which provide special deals to students who attend that school.

    My guess is you probably don't attend Berklee or you would probably have understood that! So you're stuck with the normal price, which is actually quite good for what you get, which is an excellent bass lib.

    All the basses are very well sampled and can play just about anything your crazy brain can dream up. The XP package provides a bass for just about every musical situation, from death metal or industrial electronica to softer ballads and jazz stuff.

    A slap bass is missing, unfortunately, in order to render the lib truly complete but I cover that spectrum with Scarbee's wonderful bass.

    In my experience, these basses respond to only VERY mild re-amping through GR2 or something similar... they're already sampled as a mic'ed amp and you get a very nice recorded room feel to the samples. Even the gentlest of ampsim settings can really alter the sound far beyond what may be useful for your purposes. Unless of course it ain't an amp and it's just an EQ or a compressor or something.

    Just don't spoil them with any severe re-amping, unless you're doing something electronic/experimental or otherwise unrealistic!


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    Re: Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP product question

    ::sigh:: Somehow I think I knew that was going to be the answer, but I didn't want to believe it for the sake of saving lots of money. I'm aware of Berklee school of music (ever since my conservatory days, oh, and Dream Theater ) but was kind of hoping it had nothing to do with an educational discout seeing as I am not a member. Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to shell out some more money on either this or I could just go out and get that Warwick thumb I've always wanted (granted it is 3 times the cost of this and I probably wont be able to get the Candy Sax library if I do). The other problem is that while my general sight reading is quite good, but it's been awhile since I've done bass clef, or bass at all for that matter. So I'm not sure at this point if I'd rather get back into the session musician mode and read my compositions and arrangements on an actual bass, or be in producer mode and put them through a VSTi. Decisions Decisions......it would have been an easy decision for only $99 though, that doesn't hurt the wallet as much.

    Thanks for the reassurance on the library though, I've been listening more and more to it and it sounds great. Wont be doing any slapping/experimental/electronica here (though they really should add slapped/popped strings for the sake of versatality), just going to bring some old Billy Joel tunes into the modern age (Yeah, I know, it's been done in Movin' Out on Broadway, but it wasn't done my way) and then finish up some of my songs that are desperately begging to be completed after sitting half finished on my hard drive for so long now.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass XP product question

    You might want to check out Trilogy too, if you are looking for a broader range of Bass sounds that fit in the types of Pop tracks you mentioned:


    spectrum :-)

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