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Topic: Distorted notes

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    Distorted notes

    Hi guys,

    I just bought GPO so I have the most recent version (, and I am hearing a few distorted notes on some patches such as the pianos and harps. For example on the "Steinway Piano Duo2" patch, notes G#3 and A3 are distorted when played at full velocity. There is no clipping and adjusting the volume control on the player doesnt fix it, so it seems like it is the sample that is distorted. Are there any plans to fix these distorted samples with future updates? I could post in here when I find distorted notes if you'd like.


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    Re: Distorted notes

    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to the forum. Raise the buffer setting in your host software and that should take care of your problem. There are no distortions in the samples themselves. If you want more detailed info, tell us your computer model, processor speed, amount of ram installed, soundcard and or audio interface, host software you are using, and how much coffee you had for breakfast.

    Best of luck and post some of your music when you can.


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    Re: Distorted notes

    Thanks for the quick reply Karl,

    I’m using the largest buffer size available in Logic Pro 7. So I don’t think its buffer related.

    If you would like to see exactly what I am hearing, please have a listen to this WAV file: http://download.yousendit.com/9AB95722203F239D . This is what I can hear in the WAV; distortion on the left channel, on the attack portion of the note. Firstly I would like to know if anyone else can hear it in my WAV?

    If you can hear it, do you also hear the same distortion in your GPO? The notes to check for distortion are G#3 and A3 of the ‘Piano Duo2’ Patch. Play them with a velocity of 127. If you could check yours and let me know what happens I would really appreciate it.

    I’d like to fix the distortion but if other people say it’s in their patch too then that might mean the problem is actually in GPO. If so I’d be really grateful if the developers would fix it in an update soon.



    Note: I am not causing it to clip, if you open the wav above in an editor you will see it peaks well below 0 dB. I also tried adjusting CC#16 which is the distortion control for the aggressive patches but that did not do anything to fix it.
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    Re: Distorted notes

    if you are using a multi processor, or dual core pc try disabling multiprocessor in logic (if thats available).

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    Re: Distorted notes

    Hello Duojet,

    I don't think I have a multi processor. This is what I have:

    iBook G4 with a 1.2 GHz Power PC G4 Processor,
    1.25 GB DDR SDRAM
    Logic Pro 7.1.0,
    Edirol UA25 interface,
    Edirol PCR M50 MIDI keyboard,
    Alesis M1 Active MK2 monitors.

    I'm using balanced cables to connect my speakers so there is no noise. By the way it happens in the stand alone player too, not just Logic.

    I went back to the shop where I got GPO (Turnkey in London) and they have GPO on the computers. So I loaded the Piano duo patch and the distortion was there too on G#3 and A3 (high velocity). My friend also heard this. This was a PC with VStack as the host application. I've also found another thread on here about the distorted steinway. So it does look like the problem lies with GPO and not my computer. I suppose I should just wait for an update but I would like to bring this to the developers attention.


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    Re: Distorted notes


    I've got the same problem on the same notes. Was there ever a conclusion to this thread?

    I don't think it's buffer size or cpu or anything like that as it only happens on G#3, A3 and A#3 and even happens when being played on the midi editor (in Nuendo for me) not just in playback which doesn't take much cpu or buffering.
    It's also well below 0db.

    I'm hoping that I missed the solution or something, somewhere on this forum as having distorted notes pretty much obseletes the whole piano (unless you write a piece that doesn't use these notes, which doesn't help me with what I'm working on at the moment)...

    I've also tried re-installing, but still no luck...

    and, if this helps, It's only happening in the left side, the right side is as clean as...
    I've just upgraded my speakers and it did the same thing in my old ones (so it's not my speakers).

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    Re: Distorted notes

    There have been other posts on this - do a search on "left distortion" to throw up some interesting debates. I can hear differences in sounds of notes which I had put down to resonances in the piano used to record them (as you would hear in a real piano), but I have never actually heard any of the distortions myself.

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