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Topic: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

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    Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    How do you do anything fast with the saxes? I'm trying to emulate a fast run. I'm using 32nd notes at 120 bpm and JABB can't do it. I've tried slurred and tongued.

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    Re: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    Have you tried the length controller CC#21 in conjunction with increased velocity to shorten the sample release and to sharpen the attacks?

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    Re: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    What are you using to play JABB with?

    I just tried it in Finale and it worked fine - slurred was better though.

    When you say it doesn't work, do you get nothing or something else?
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    Re: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    I'm using Cubase SX. What I get is pecky notes. It's like the sample can't play fast enough before its over, but 32nd notes at 120bpm doesn't seem incredibly fast to me. Same in all horns apparently.

    I'll post an MP3 if I haven't managed to sort it out later.


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    Re: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    Are you sure you have the pedal mode set (in the player's Options menu) to choice # 2 "no sustain/sostenuto operation, but MIDI controller." It will show up in the pedal mode slot in the settings window as "MIDI CC." Only in this mode will the tongue/slur function as designed. Worth a check.


    P.S. Make sure any slurred notes overlap - no breaks between notes.

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    Re: Fast notes in the saxomaphones

    Haven't changed anything but have rebooted and it seems to be working fine now. Still don't know what the problem was, but I'm cool.


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