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Topic: Cannonball

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    My second alto experiment, this is a Cannonball solo on Waltz for Debbie (transcription by Gilles Miton). I've taken in consideration all the advices i received and i'm beginning to understand the potential of JABB, so i will now dedicate to different instruments to get the best out of it. I dont't want to become kind of a hassle with my exercises, so i think i will now retire until i have something more complete to offer to the forum

    thanks everybody


    click on "scarica"

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    Re: Cannonball

    Wow... another extremely well done "exercise", Roberto!


    And certainly don't hesitate to post! That's why this forum exists...

    From the sound of things, you're way down the road to becoming one of our JABB Masters -- we can all learn from you.

    My best,


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    Re: Cannonball

    Wow Roberto, you are really great at capturing the vibe of different soloists.
    In contrast to the Bird piece you posted this one sounds fat and "sassy", and I loved the little lip bends you used, very Cannonball.

    Please, Please Please, keep posting. As a JABB user myself, I find your exercises very inspiring.

    This is a new library with many unique features, and we are all still learning how to get the best out of it.

    I am sure I speak for many, when I say, hearing your pieces, has opened our eyes as to how real you can make an upfront soloist sound.

    If the tone of this alto could be just a little darker, you would be very nearly "there".


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    Re: Cannonball

    Joe, David, you are very kind; ok, i'll keep posting my unfinished experiments, hoping they can be useful... by the way, do you think the midi files of the solo instrument track might be of some interest to users, to check the various controllers, etc?
    In this case i might post them too.



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    Re: Cannonball

    Listen to the same midifile using soprano sax 1, it's interestingly convincing even so dry. I have removed the piano to allow for a clearer listening to soprano part.
    It's sort of a lighthearted Liebman swinging.



    http://mio.discoremoto.virgilio.it/r... Soprano 1.mp3

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