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Topic: JABB & Imac Intel

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    JABB & Imac Intel

    Anyone running JABB on an Imac G5?
    How is the performance? I'd like to get a new intel macbook or imac but Kontakt hasn't come out with an upgrade for the intel based macs yet. I use kontakt player with Finale.

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    Re: JABB & Imac Intel

    NI has announced they'll be releasing version 2.1 in April sometime. They haven't officially announced Macintel compatibility, though their statements earlier this year imply this may be the universal binary update (they stated 2nd quarter 2006). This doesn't necessarily address your Kontakt Player however.

    To address your initial question, we've found the latest version of the imac G5 (the one with the built-in isight camera) perform extremely well - seemingly much better than the previous rendition of G5 imac. I haven't used it with JABB, but when maxed out with RAM (2.5gb), it performs very well running some pretty dense polyphonic scores. If you're looking to get a new machine asap that will be compatible with your current software without having to wait for the trickle of universal binaries, the G5 imac is a good performer at a good price.
    Jim Casella

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