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Topic: Where is Overture SE?

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    Where is Overture SE?

    I've just purchased GPO. Wow!
    JABB is next.
    OK. The question.
    Where is the 'bundled' Overture SE when I downloaded GPO Studio?
    I've searched the site everywhere so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Where is Overture SE?

    I'll leave it to the Garritan people to clarify this, but Overture SE was only offered with the first version of GPO, which cost $250.

    The current version of GPO (which you purchased) is 2.0, which no longer includes Overture SE. Version 2, accordingly, has a lower price than GPO 1.0.

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    Re: Where is Overture SE?

    If you had purchased GPO from the website of Geniesoft, you could get GPO with Overture SE which is the cut-down version of the most recent Overture4 (Windows PC only). They currently cost 189 US$.

    Never mind. Most users must be willing to purchase the full version of Overture4 by going to the expense of the additional upgrade charge.

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    Re: Where is Overture SE?

    Thanks for the reply.
    No big deal.
    I guess they should take it off the Garritan site if it's not offered any more.
    They still say it comes bundled with GPO Studio.

    This is an awesome product.
    I really *should* go back to work now!


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