Hi All,

I'm a Red Sox fan living in Iowa. That used to be a recipe for unending personal pain, but the curse is gone and all is well with the world. Well not exactly. I decided this would be a good year to watch some of the games. We have a Dish Network satellite system and after some confusion on the part of their customer service reps in India we were able to subscribe to New England Sports Network. So we tune in to watch a game and it's blacked out. After another call to Dish it turns out Major League Baseball will not allow broadcast of games outside of a regional territory. Apparently I'm supposed to be a Royals fan. This is BOOOOgUSSSSSS!! I could sign up for a program that would get me every game, but they can't guarantee that will be immune to blackouts.

So to everyone who is a fan of a team somewhere far away from where you live now you can forget about ever being able to watch that team consistently. That's why I say Major League Baseball (as in the league office) SUCKS!!! Bud Selig get a clue!

Sorry had to vent.