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Topic: A question for you Spectrum

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    A question for you Spectrum


    I have a question.

    I am making sample sets and presets for a virtual synth and AM NOT using Stylus RMX to create individual samples or ANY PART of these presets and sample sets. I am sampling original acoustic and other sources.

    However, to show off these sample sets, my #1 (and only) choice for DRUMS currently is Stylus RMX since it is about all I have to create rhythms. I am making songs using Stylus RMX for the drums and everything else is the presets for the synth in question.

    The question is: is this okay from a license point of view? I would not dream of plaigarism or in any way using or stealing anything from Stylus RMX and spectrasonics and all I do is make music with it. However, sometimes that could mean a demo song like I described above.

    I want to know this so I have no problems doing so and you guys have no problems with me doing so. Please let me know if this is okay with you and Spectrasonics. I will give you full credit at all times and mention it very publicly - so that should help drum up business for you as well.

    Thank you in advance.

    Mike Felker

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    Re: A question for you Spectrum

    It's OK to use RMX in the demo of another product which isn't directly competitive....however, wherever the demo is posted needs to contain the credits of where the drums are coming from and also a link to the Stylus RMX page on our site:


    Thanks for checking!


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    Re: A question for you Spectrum


    Thanks for that info. The credit is already there and I will add the link URL asap.

    One last question - you say "where it is not directly a competitor". The synth in question is Wusikstation (www.wusik.com) and is not a competitor of Stylus RMX in any way - they are apples and oranges.

    However, there is a particular person who keeps DRILLING ME about the use of Stylus RMX in the demo song (here it is: http://www.mfelkerco.com/wusik/mp3/whosewho.mp3).

    So, for giggles and grins, please let me know if you and Spectrasonics are good or not good about me using Stylus RMX in EXACTLY this fashion (the song is just a little ditty and not even that good - just made it to show off four or five presets of a new e-zine we are putting together).

    I am sorry to keep bugging you about this - I just want to give an ACCURATE response to this particular person for all others to see.

    If you guys are not good with me using Stylus RMX (which would be a shame considering the HUGE number of people that tripse through Wusik's doors) let me know now so I can use FL Studio (sigh) instead (there really is no comparison and it just would not sound the same, but they don't give a crap how you use their software) before I go any further. Just that ONE song was created for this endeavor, so it would be super simple to fix now.

    Thanks again Eric and I am so very sorry for bugging you further with this question.

    Mike Felker

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    Re: A question for you Spectrum

    bumped - so you see the question above.

    By the way, feel free to check out my other music using Stylus RMX:

    http://www.mfelkerco.com (under SCORING) - most of them are for a game or other corporate projects.

    Enjoy the music.


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    Re: A question for you Spectrum

    Yeah, that's OK. You just have to credit it and include the link wherever it appears.

    A lot of developers are not willing to do this though, since it's advertising another company's product. This recently happened with Linplug, where a demo creator used a lot of RMX in their demos of a Linplug synth and then the company would not use the demos, because they didn't want to post the links and include the credits. We've had it happen many times in the past with other companies too.

    So just make sure that our requirements are acceptable to the people that will be hosting the demos and then your OK will all parties concerned.

    Make sense? :-)


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    Re: A question for you Spectrum

    I talk with William all the time and I really don't think it will be a problem at all. Right now the demo resides on the KVR Wusik forum and I will make sure you guys get total credit and the resulting link.

    Thanks for being so cool about this.


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