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Topic: Old lady

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    Old lady


    After several weeks without my Keyboard and samples , I discover again the "Old lady" full and the lite version.

    The best Steinway of PMI.

    It's a great natural Steinway.

    I enjoy it !

    I work on it and i will post some presets or ideas.



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    Re: Old lady

    I agree, the Old Lady is one of my favorite pianos.

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    Smile Re: Old lady

    Hi Oliver,

    Would be very interested in your ideas and new presets!
    Your view on how a sampled Steinway should sound intrigues me...


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    Re: Old lady

    The Old Lady is the only D I've heard that works well for popular music.

    The notes which are most often used for melody make the difference. The Old Lady is warm. Newer D's are more incisive, but those melody notes have a more metallic quality.

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