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Topic: Organizing By Rhythms

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    Organizing By Rhythms

    I was wondering if there is any method of organizing these loops by rhythm? The names for these loops, while necessary, do not tell us a THING about the loop. I find it like wading through mud, listening to all these (GREAT) loops, looking for the one with the bass drum pattern that hits the downbeat of 1, the upbeats of 3 and 4, for instance. It would be so great if there were a way to view the rhythmic content of a loop (say just the kicks, snares and hats)short of putting this stuff into the sequence ourselves) so that you could look them over and say, "THAT ONE!" instead of this hit and miss examination of all these loops. It's taking me eons just to create a drum track that fits and doesn't sound like a group of loops. This songs has breaks and spots where there's just a kick, cymbal and snare accenting spots. I'm watching the tutorials and slowly things are sinking in. I'm sure 90% of this complaint is pilot error. I'm able to drag and drop now, but I'm still having problems just accessing a good sound and making it do what I want it to do rhythmically. I guess doing it with a kit and midi will probably be the best way. If any of you have any suggestions w/regard to this post, please fire away. Thanks. RMX rocks! I love it, but right now it's like swimming in the Pacific. I don't EVEN know what I've gotten myself into.


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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    I don't think this is going to be a feasable feature in RMX, so here is my suggestion: Drag and drop the midi files with the sounds you like. Then edit the notes in the midi file, shifting the "pitch" of each note to make the sequence play the way you want it to.

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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    Oh and also usually the loops do have some indication as to what instruments are used and the tempo. Maybe I am missing what you are saying.

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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    It's an interesting idea....not sure if that's doable or not though.

    Sounds like for specific kick drum patterns you need that you'd be better off programming a pattern that you like and then looking for a sound that fits your track via the Sound Menus or Kit mode.

    Not sure if you are using the Groove Elements directory too....that's a great way to build a track from the ground up with maximum control. That's how I usually work myself.

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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms


    I use groove elements more than the RMX grooves for my songs and assemble the initial groove rather quickly.

    Essentially, I decide on the tempo first and then bring in my kick drum, snare, congas or bongos or dejembe if needed, shakers, hi-hats and whatever other elements are needed. Then, for a chorus or to pump up the groove later in the song, I choose one RMX groove that seems to fit the rest of what I created. Usually it only takes about ten or fifteen minutes before I hit the one I like best (of course, I tend to gravitate toward the appropriate section (say industrial or aggressive) and look for the similar tempo's first - but sometimes I just randomly pick a spot and start auditioning until I find something that gives the groove some motion).

    Then I mix to taste and start dragging and dropping into Sonar 5.

    It really does not take that long.


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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    Quote Originally Posted by foxymoron
    ...RMX rocks! I love it...

    BTW, your screen name is pretty hilarious! I always love a "triple-entendre"....or something that can be taken a whole lot of different ways.

    We had a "I Have Distorted Reality" T-Shirt that worked in a similar way...:-)

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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    I also find myself a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of loops and sounds.
    I think it's cool to be able to create "User Favorites," but so far, I don't see any way to rename them to something that's intuitive to me.

    Perhaps a "User Favorites" could be set up that uses nameable shortcuts to the original file (with the original name in parentheseesesssss ?)

    That way I don't waste too much time searching.


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    Smile Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    Hmmm....... very good point from many perspectives.

    Eric I'm sure will give it a good ponder.

    As much as I agree with the responses that have been given, I too am always interested in the shortest distance between two points when it comes to finding the right groove..... identifiers of some sort might be a neet thing!

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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    Well, If Eric comes out with a product call Studio Drummer I'm sure it will have titles that we could gravitate to quicker. For example, 3/4 R&B, 4/4 Rock (Attitude)...

    But RMX does seem to have more of a scenic musical coloring scheme to it. The grooves are mixed as well, so they offer not only a groove but a groove with personality - basically styled hair with moose in it.

    So in that end, I can understand choosing titles like Eclipse, Home BOY Chillin'(ok that was my title).

    Man, you guys must of had some fun comin' up with these titles!! Elephant Boy - LOL!

    What exactly would you call the 'Proton' groove if you didn't call it 'Proton'.

    And the Retro-Funk library names...what could we call those and have them be intuitive.

    4/4 Funk (Butter Butt)
    4/4 Funk (Chillin' Shack)
    4/4 Funk (Frisbee Fro)
    4/4 errrr...Funk Again (Greasy Lipps)

    In the end it's like a soundeffects library, the more you use it, the more you know where the sound lies that you want, in spite of the file name (just think of some of the cartoon sound effects...what on earth do you call some of those???)
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    Re: Organizing By Rhythms

    Quote Originally Posted by foxymoron
    It would be so great if there were a way to view the rhythmic content of a loop (say just the kicks, snares and hats)short of putting this stuff into the sequence ourselves) so that you could look them over and say, "THAT ONE!"
    Some kind of visual indicator that shows where the accents of a loop hit against a beat grid would be very cool. Imagine being able to use it as a search tool, fill in your own accents and all matching grooves pop up. Being able to select the freq range the accent is in would also be cool.

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