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Topic: OT -- Bassists

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    OT -- Bassists

    I just stumbled across this on a German site, nearly fell off my chair laughing at the first one I read.

    How do you make a bassist? You take a bit of straw, some beer, and some manure, but not too much manure, otherwise you make a guitarist.

    How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb? Five. One to hold the bulb, four to drink beer until the ceiling spins.

    Who sits in the test room with an IQ of 50? Two bassists.


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    Re: OT -- Bassists

    Is it me or do all bassists seem like football linebackers.

    I have never met one who doesn't have square shoulders and looks like they couldn't pound me into the ground with one finger.

    But be careful about taking my word for that. I'm a guitarist- and well, see post 1 about us.
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