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Topic: Whoa, I'm on the Composer Channel!

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    Whoa, I'm on the Composer Channel!

    I know this probably is not a new feeling for most of you here... But I just wanted to express my public WOOHOO! and say thank you to all who are involved with running the Composer Channel and adding my piece "Whisked Into The Sky". I slugged myself out of bed early this morning so I could satisfy my curiosity as to which pieces made the cut for the new show... and right up at 10 minutes into it, there I was! It's so cool to know that people are actually listening to my stuff.

    I have a question for Chris Duncan or anyone who knows--do the pieces on the Composer Channel get mastered? My piece sounded somehow more uniform and refined, with certain rough edges smoothed out when I heard it on the station. Was it just my imagination, or had it been further processed before being aired?

    Thank you very much to all listeners and operators of the station who have taken the time to listen/work with my piece!


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    And an excellent addition to the Composer Channel you are Chris! Although I missed your piece this morning I do have the Channel on all during my workday. I shall make a note of times your piece will be played. As for the mastering I couldn't say. Regardless, congratulations and welcome aboard the Composer Channel!

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    Re: Whoa, I'm on the Composer Channel!

    Hey, Chris.

    Glad to have you with us! We don't do any mastering of the songs. We normalize them and that's it. What you're probably hearing is recompression. Songs are delivered to us in mp3 format. These songs are then imported into Nuendo, where I mix the voiceovers from Dee with the music to create a final show.

    Then, the entire 60 minute show is saved as a single mp3 file and added to the station. Consequently, songs get compressed again by the save to mp3 on the mixdown. In general, it's a very subtle effect that most folks don't notice, but I thought you'd enjoy understanding the techie side of what we're doing.

    Hope you enjoy it!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Whoa, I'm on the Composer Channel!

    Aha! That was my second guess, actually. Thanks for the clarification, Chris. I for one DO enjoy the techie explanation, as I run a low-traffic internet station myself.

    Styxx, thanks for your encouragement! It means a lot, coming from you. And no, that is not sarcasm.


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