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Topic: OT: Headphones for monitoring

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    OT: Headphones for monitoring

    Hi all,

    I would like somebody recommend me a good headphones for monitoring.

    Thank you in advance to everyone.

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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    Quote Originally Posted by Sr_Velasco
    Hi all,

    I would like somebody recommend me a good headphones for monitoring.
    Hi there,

    do you mean monitoring or mixing? I'm sure I won't be the only one to say don't even think of mixing on headphones!

    The Beyerdymanic DT100s are everywhere, and for a reason, comfortable clear focussed but untiring sound for track laying etc. I use them, they are a little more expensive than some, but they'll last a lifetime!



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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    Have you tried a search already? Not too long ago there was a pretty long thread about it. I doubt it will be repeated with the same enthusiasm.

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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring


    New member leading a member - bound to be a disaster!!


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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    Ok. Thanks!

    I have found that thread.

    Sorry to be redundant.


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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    Quote Originally Posted by BarrieB

    New member leading a member - bound to be a disaster!!

    I don't know why responding to this seems like such a good idea... 36 hours without sleep has likely affected my sense of priority, but this is a recurring issue in the community and it bugs me.

    Man... "new member" doesn't mean squat as far as experience and expertise is concerned. It's just how much you post. Sheer post count.

    Hell, I'm too busy to spend too much time posting around here. I have a lot of work to do! So I only post when something REALLY strikes my fancy or I have a question not covered by the search engine (or the info contained therein is too old to be entirely useful).

    But every project I work on has something new for me to learn... my knowledge grows as I become more competent or at least more aware of my weaknesses, and this in turn gets me more jobs which allows me to learn even more, and thus does the cycle perpetuate... and six months or a year from now, I'll hardly be the same engineer that I am today. I work because I learn, and I learn because I work.

    But because of this very phenomena, I don't get to post here very much. So I'm still a "new member" but it's not like I'm new to music and audio production. I'm, uh, like a journeyman or something. But not "green" - not brand-new, not totally ignorant.

    Post count does not accurately reflect the legitimacy or accuracy of what someone has to say. It's moronic to discount an individual's advice based on their level of community participation. It is not here that knowledge is gleaned (well, there is much to gain from reading the writings of the myriad veterans who hang around this place) - it's out in the field, making music, doing the thing we all believe we're meant to do. You'll learn quicker and faster by working and taking on projects, whether you're a hobbyist, a pro, or somewhere in between.

    For me, spending too much time here takes away from working, and I have to be very selective in when and what I read here and elsewhere (other forums, magazines, etc).

    Post-count isn't some kind of universal ranking system for gauging someone's overall usefulness or contributional potential as a musician. Yeesh.

    Anyway... I'm just exhausted. Ignore me. I have nothing to offer on the actual topic at hand except to sift through the other thread on the matter; it's rather extensive and helped me make some decisions.


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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    check this site, it can help you to decide.




    I think that this two headphones are the greatest in the world.

    Andrea Pettinao sound designer
    www.pettinhouse.com sample libraries for your music

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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    I would highly recommend that you listen to the cans in person. Buying from other people's reviews or magazine recommendations are a bad idea, as no two people have the same set of ears. I was going to get the Seinnheiser HD600, but when I listened to the HD555 and compared it to the HD600 side-by-side in an one-hour listening test of various materials, I decided the differences were so little that it would be a total waste of money for me to spring for the much more expensive HD600. Often with audio equipment, the diminishing return is just ridiculous. Most people spend an extra thousand dollars for a tiny improvement in sound--so tiny that you'd need another $10,000 worth of equipment to hear the difference (I'm talking about the audiophile guys, not musicians).

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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    I went through an exhaustive search on this topic as well as with Active monitors.

    Trying out various headphones at the music store might be the only solution.. But be warned... each pair will sound dramatically different., and still, it will depend on the CD being played as well.

    I had bought a pair of Sony MDR's and recorded a few pieces with them, but when it came time to listen through my speakers, it was so bottom heavy.. i had to re-record all over again.

    On the Cubase forum i received numerous praises for the AKG 240's (studio), which i now own, and am very pleased with.. It's about as close as i'll get to an average home speaker, including my Actives.

    Try some out!

    Best of luck with your search...


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    Re: OT: Headphones for monitoring

    If you're going to bring your own material to listen to, it's a good idea to find out beforehand when the store's the slowest. When the store's empty, you get a lot less noise, and the staff doesn't have to constantly interrupt your listening session by leading customers in and out of listening rooms and blasting the speakers for demoing.

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