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Topic: 2nd orchestral offering

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    2nd orchestral offering

    Hello all

    Thanks for the feedback last time. Here's the latest orchestral piece. Again, I'd be grateful for comments. It's the track called "Count Dracula".


    This is very much work in progress, musically speaking. It's the realisation I'm really wondering about.


    U/S 2

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    Re: 2nd orchestral offering

    Certainly properly melodramatic for its subject! It has rather the sound and feel of movie scores from the thirties.

    Some interesting writing and voicing in this, U/S 2.



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    Re: 2nd orchestral offering

    Thanks for that comment, David.

    My intentions were to write something in a hybrid style: the dense-textured, grandiose, overblown proportions of the old gothic greats, fused with more contemporary harmonic ideas.

    U/S 2

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