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Topic: Happiness

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    edit: The file was previously a totally uncompressed .wav file of gigantic proportions. Now it is an mp3. Yay! Off to sleep!



    I plan to sleep in about fifteen minutes, rounding off a pleasant 36-hour day in the studio.

    This track was my final bit of work today:


    Took me two hours exactly... had to rush it the hell out of here for a promo video for a motivational speaker (she works with kids/teens... you know, all those leadership conferences you never wanted to go to in high school).

    I had shot and edited the video and totally forgot they needed the music, too.

    Two hours is an insanely fast turnaround time for me, so I'm kind of proud of it for what it is. I know, I know... gigantic problems with the mix, and the timing of the instruments and everything... all of it was done in one take, except for the guitar and the drums (which took a few tries to get right). But the client was ecstatic and impressed so... good enough for me. I'll take my check and run!

    I was trying to figure out what sort of feel to go for based on my video... for some reason, I stuck with a kind of middle school summer camp emotion, with slower more emotional parts for the bits of the video containing the crux of the message she gives these kids.

    Dunno why I'm posting it. The happy vibe is worth sharing, I guess. Hey, it uses GPO - the Steinway, and the horrendously paddish block-chord strings (just no time for a realistic string accompaniment... violin and viola sections layered together).

    Anyway... I'm going to sleep. Forever.

    -Tom Williams

    P.S. Didn't bother to compress it. Maybe after I awaken. Sorry 'bout that, for the 56k'ers around here.

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    Re: Happiness

    Tom, might I suggest posting this as an .mp3 file.

    Even on DSL, after some seven minutes, that .wav file has not fully downloaded -- which means it's probably huge.

    My best,


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    Re: Happiness

    Really? Geez. I didn't think it was THAT big... on my non-DAW Internet comp, I tested the link and it took all of 30 seconds to get it streaming. I figured the download wouldn't be that insane.

    36 megabytes. Doh. Well, alright, guess I might as well go compress it now.


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    Re: Happiness

    Okay. An mp3 has been posted to replace that humongous wav.

    Sorry for that. Fatigue and all. Slight lapse in common sense.


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