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Topic: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

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    J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    My first composition for JABB. It's a rather conventional blues form.
    I'm not completely satisfied, trumpets are particularly difficult to render to me, but i like the overall sound.
    Please tell me what you would change, instruments, articulations, panning, reverb, anything




    click on "scarica"

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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Holy cow, Roberto! This is excellent.

    You're getting some fantastic sound out of JABB, no two ways about it.

    The only thing I might comment at all on is, a few of the brass stabs seemed perhaps a little brittle or too agressive [around 0:47-0:48, for instance]. It's very slight however.

    Great job on this, really!


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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    thanks David, i have to learn to control the brass section: the aggressive stabs are a consequence of trying to obtain the right amount of drive and energy, i'll work on it. Thank you very much for your comments


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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Wow -- VERY cool work. You can definitely swing, geez -- some of those lines just blister by (double time, etc), but they're swinging all the way...

    Thanks for posting...

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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Great work Roberto!

    There a terrific melody line here that keeps the entire arrangement tied together.

    ... and the rendering is well executed.

    A Terrific job!


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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Wow! Very nice! Excellent writing and programming! I'll definitely be listening to this a zillion more times to try and figure out how you did it!

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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Bravo, Encore.
    What a great head, arrangement.
    I love your drum programming, it is such a nice mixture of restrained grooving and explosive power.

    One possibility for improving the Tutti sections, would be to move the midi ( or audio) data around a few ticks to make the unison a lttle less perfect.

    I am rapidly becoming a huge fan of your music Roberto. This music sounds free from inhibitions, and you have a knack of capturing the excitement of Jazz.

    Excellent work.
    Please keep them coming.

    regards Joe

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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it makes me want to immediately get composing, but i'd better go to sleep, it's very late here, i just come back from a gig.
    Joaz - thanks, you always have appropriate comments, like removing a bit of highs in the alto (i actually boosted slightly around 4K, hoping nobody would have noticed), i want to try this time shifting between unisons, i think it might definitely work

    love and good night


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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)


    Excellent work! You can really swing!

    Would you mind if this gets included on the JABB web page and Player? Some really excellent work.

    Thanks for posting this. Time to go listen a few more times.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: J.A.B.B. (Just A Bit of Blues)

    Gary, you don't need to ask; i'd be happy to see it posted on JABB site



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