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Topic: Where´s the best palce to order Spectrasonics Porducts?

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    Where´s the best palce to order Spectrasonics Porducts?

    Hi Everybody!
    Well, the title says it pretty well...
    I need Trilogy and Stylus RMX with urgency, but the prices are prohibitely to me. If any body know about any sale, discount or whatever. Ah, and if the place can accept international orders...
    Thank´s a lot in advance for your help!
    Best Regards

    PD: Please excuse my bad english!

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    Re: Where´s the best palce to order Spectrasonics Porducts?

    Check out www.americanmusicsupply.com

    They offer a unique service. They let you split anything under $999 into 3 easy and interest-free monthly payments. Great for starving musicians or people with limited budgets.

    Check them out - they may be able to help you. Not too sure about international orders.

    HINT - they match any brick and mortar store's prices - so shop around and find the very best price you can (kinda like a price war) and you can negotiate a lower price. They do that regularly and I have been able to save as much as $100 off a product just by doing a little homework. Remember, it cannot be from an internet store - it has to be a great price from a store you can theoretically walk in to.


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    Re: Where´s the best palce to order Spectrasonics Porducts?

    Hey Karmacomposer, that was pretty fast!
    I´m an AMS customer for the last 8 years and I really appreciate that credit. I´m one of the few persons outside US that they accept my money and give me credit (my last purchase was a VL70-m 2 months ago)
    The thing is that I live in Venezuela and we have currency restrictions, so I almost spend all the US dollars we can use in a year ($2500 for year only). I´m using Scarbee fingered bass but never have enough low frecuencies. I tried some Trilogy from a friend and is amazing how good it sounds (I´m a formerly crazy bassist, from Pastorius to Berlin I don´t listen any bass anywhere) but, for comercial music Scarbee isn´t good enough or at least appropriate (as a bassist, I think this is the sound of a really pro bassist intruments, excelent for solo, and its timbre is right on without and amp) but as hard as I try with Amp emulators and EQ and comp it can´t have the bottom end for pop and other genres. And the acoustic is amazing too! and the fretless is my nighmare: You don´t imagine how much I practiced to sound like Pastorius with my 70´s fretless Jazz Bass and it comes this plug in and sound right on. Sheess, all those years lost...
    Anyway, some help and some guidance please?
    Thanks again an excuse the long post but I´m enjoing the keys again!

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