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Topic: Suspense

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    Here's a short little piece I put together.. Hope you like it.



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    Re: Suspense

    Wow Eric, this is tense and beautiful! Like a tragic finale. Did you write this for anything specific, or just to write? Very nice string writing! I only wish this were a longer cue.

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    Re: Suspense

    Thanks for listening!

    I was just in the mood to write something that started fast and then just dropped off and finished with some nice string voicings.. So it wasn't for anything particular.

    I scored a feature length independent film last year, but it was before I got GPO...


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    Re: Suspense

    Cool beans, Erik!

    Lovely string writing in this, and great atmosphere to it... some nicely restrained builds and subtly handled progressions.

    Please! Keep going with this! There's plenty there for development, for sure!


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    Re: Suspense

    Thanks etLux,
    I am currently still working on this and trying to extend it and come up with more ideas..

    To those who are curious.. Everything is GPO except the choir sound obviously. It is from my Kurzweil K2500. Just in case anyone cares..


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    Re: Suspense

    Nice. I imagined I was watching Harry Potter film or something like that. Very filmic.

    Don Cleary

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    Re: Suspense

    Yes, Very nice indeed!

    Does have a kind of Harry Potterish feel.

    Great work !


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    Re: Suspense

    Nice one, Mr. Eric! I'm proud of you. This is very good writing. Thanks for posting it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Suspense

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate you all taking the time to listen and give me feedback! You guys are great!

    I thought the same thing about the Harry Potterish feel after I did that celesta part.

    BTW, I am currently tweaking this and hopefully extending it into a longer piece..

    More compositions to come..


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    Re: Suspense

    You capture the genre quite well, and it sounds very professional. Nice piece, and nice use of GPO. Boy, you guys are good!

    R. Pearl

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