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Topic: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

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    Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    Well, well, .... and well again!

    Someone touched on this earlier....

    Man, I almost forgot that the purpose of the demo was the samples, and NOT the programming or the compositional skills.

    Bring the tutorials on .... I know I'll learn both ....


    Music is an exact, inexact, subjective, objective ArtScience.
    - Derrkins 2002
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    Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    This is Magic!!!
    Amazing work Tom!

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    Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    Well, thanks guys! I think this demo has won the popularity contest between the various demos I've created. Maybe I'll need to expand this into a real composition someday - you know, after I retire from Garritan! By the way, it's looking now like the tutorials are going to wait for the libraries to be in our ARIA player (otherwise I will need to do the tutorials twice and I'm having trouble finding time to do them once!) That shouldn't be too far off though.


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    Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    Nice idea and put in place,thanks guys once more time,am sure this where i belong,thanks

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    Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    Actually what first blew me away was what a cool tune it was.
    There has been a lot of good demented music on the forum lately, which naturally I am very happy about. !!

    I love the sax and bone parts, and that snare drum programming is something else.
    As for the Trumpets........ well to tell you the truth, I don't like talking about Trumpet players......... it only encourages them.

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    Thumbs up Re: Blown Away with Tom's Scream Trumpets!

    How dare you post work done so well!! However, you're forgiven but please feel free to violate the Garritan air space (and the space between me ears) as freely as you wish ... or, we wish.

    Really, excellent!!

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