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Topic: Aftertouch CC17 Vibrato in Logic Pro?

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    Question Aftertouch CC17 Vibrato in Logic Pro?

    Hi! I added CC17 controller data to a midi passage that I assigned to alto sax 1 in Logic Pro in an attempt to alter vibrato. The CC17 data had absolutely no affect on the sound of the playback. Has anyone used the "Aftertouch" CC17 controller in Logic Pro to affect vibrato? If so, any idea what I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Question Re: Aftertouch in Logic Pro 7.1?

    Thanks, Prince. You're correct. Aftertouch and CC17 are two different things. They are both used to control vibrato. Aftertouch controls the intensity of the vibrato while CC17 controls the speed. It is possible that my Aftertouch is set to 0, which would explain why changing CC17 has no affect. So, I guess I just need someone to help me use Aftertouch in Logic Pro 7.1.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Thumbs up Solved! Re: Aftertouch CC17 Vibrato in Logic Pro?

    Hi! I just figured it out. Aftertouch is known as channel pressure in Logic Pro. I just needed to go into hyperdraw and select Channel Pressure. Now I have vibrato on the sax. Thanks!!!!


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