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Topic: conan the barbarian revisited

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    conan the barbarian revisited

    a minimal arrangement of a track from "conan the barbarian soundtrack" - "theology / civilization".
    it was arranged for a guitar (should be classical, but i have only a yamaha CPX acoustic...).
    yesterday i recorded it and i added a second guitar, a cello (from Garritan orchestra) and a flute (played by myself).
    probably i will add seomthing more, but i havent decided what, yet!
    the arrangement is quite minimalistic, i hope you like it...
    any comments on recording quality and (poor) playing technique will be appreciated! :-)


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    Re: conan the barbarian revisited

    Molto buon! Lo gradisco. Grazie.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: conan the barbarian revisited

    Nice interpretation!

    ...And nice flute playing too!.... The Cello is barely audible on my headphones though.

    The Conan CD is one of my favorites....(very hard to find)

    Great work!


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    Re: conan the barbarian revisited

    Well done!

    I enjoyed the clarity and open sound of this. (Often, less really is more.)

    Thank you for this: a worthwhile listen, Matteo.


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    Re: conan the barbarian revisited


    I liked this too but even on my speakers I couldnt hear the Cello either! I didnt know this theme


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