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Topic: AUTO-TUNE now iLOK = PITA!!!!

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    Thumbs down AUTO-TUNE now iLOK = PITA!!!!

    During authorization expect to see a notice that requires you to buy an iLOK USB dongle to run Auto-tune 4. They give you 21 days to get it but I was given a response code that allowed until midnight.

    Be ware!

    Such a shame and such a F****** waste of time!!!!

    iLOK is $40 extra dollars to run software you've already paid for and have been using for some time!!

    Is there an icon here more than the angry face
    Steve Hanlon, guitarist/composer
    Logic 7, PowerMac DP 2.0 (8- RAM slot model), 4GB RAM, OS 10.4.11
    UAD-1 Ultra Pak
    Lots of V.I. and sound effects
    Apogee Rosetta 200
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    Blue Sky Monitors

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    Re: AUTO-TUNE now iLOK = PITA!!!!

    I know those who own Auto-Tune and they found a cracked version and use that. I know some have moral and ethical issues with this.

    Did you do your homework? Did it mention this in the system requirements?
    With companies trying to protect their software it's best to do a lot of research before you buy.

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