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Topic: Beethoven museum!

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    Beethoven museum!

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    Anyone in the San Jose area should check out the Beethoven Musum at the San Jose state university.
    While on vacation is stopped by for a visit. They have on display some of the master’s original scores; replicates of keyboards from that era and even a lock of Beethoven’s hair! ( only on display during the summer).
    What’s really cool is the book section, i got all kinds of study books at bargain prices!
    Visit http://www2.sjsu.edu/depts/beethoven/index.html
    For more info.

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    Re: Beethoven museum!

    I saw on a documentary that they ran a chemical analysis on that lock of hair and found large amounts of lead.

    Lead poisoning can cause symptoms ranging from abdominal pains, which Beethoven suffered greatly from, to, you guessed it, deafness.
    Michael Peter

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