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Topic: Question about RAM upgrade

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    Question about RAM upgrade

    My DAW is based on an Abit BH7 motherboard, with a 2.4 GHz P4. I have 1GB of RAM in the form of 2 512MB sticks.
    The mobo has 3 RAM slots. I'm confused about whether or not I can put a 1GB stick in the remaining slot. The manual says "DIMM2 and DIMM3 are sharing."

    I asked about this in a pc.homebuilt newsgroup, and the replay was still over my head. Here's what one person said:
    "Based on looking at the manual link Kony provided, your chipset is 845PE. The 845PE Northbridge is a "four bank" design. It can drive two double sided DIMMs, or it can drive one double sided DIMM plus two single sided DIMMs. The only way you can use all three memory slots, is to use one double sided DIMM and two single sided DIMMs. And there is no advantage to doing that, as people seldom own useful single sided DIMMs for the purpose.

    Translating this into something you can buy, at the memory size you are interested in, only double sided DIMMs are cheap and readily available. You could use two double sided 512MB DIMMs (for 1GB total), you could use a 512MB and a 1GB double sided DIMM (for 1.5GB total), or you could use two 1GB double sided DIMMs (for 2GB total). In all those cases, the third slot cannot be used and remains empty.

    DIMM2 and DIMM3 are sharing. The chip selects are crosswired between the two slots. If you place double sided DIMMs in both DIMM2 slot and DIMM3 slot, both DIMMs would become active at the same time, with disasterous consequences. Presumably the BIOS code is clever enough not to allow that to happen, but I would not try it anyway."

    So, does this mean if I want 2GB, I need to throw away the 2 512's that I already have, and buy 2 1GB sticks?

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    Re: Question about RAM upgrade

    Yes, that's what it looks like.

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    Re: Question about RAM upgrade

    You could try putting the 1GB stick in slot one, and the two matching 512s in 2 and three.

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