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Topic: regarding sustain

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    regarding sustain

    i would like to be able to use a separate instance of GPO with a "normal" setting for the sustain pedal to use with a piano. The following passage appears on the Garritan website troubleshooting page:

    USER WORKAROUND: submitted by Trond Bjornard:
    "The setting of one kontakt instance applies to all. But, you can trick it, by creating another instance of the Kontakt player with a different name - for example, if you're using it as a VST, duplicate it, rename the new one xxxxxx2. Now you can have your piano with cc64 as normal sustain pedal, and all the others can have their own setting."

    does he mean to duplicate the actual vst plugin in the plugins folder? I tried it and it didn't seem to work. any ideas?

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    Re: regarding sustain

    What sequencer are you using? Sonar, Cubase, Frutiyloops, Finale, etc.?

    -- Bob

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    Re: regarding sustain

    I'm using cubase se

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    Re: regarding sustain

    I have the same problem in Fruity Loops, but not in Sonar. It appears that in FL the name of the vst (not the file name of the dll) is what it keys on. So in FL I can't do this trick.

    -- Bob

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    Re: regarding sustain

    It would be nice to see a new feature where this can be set on a per instrument basis in the player.

    -- Bob

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