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Topic: Giga 3 Crash when Loading Instruments

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    Giga 3 Crash when Loading Instruments

    I can't seem to conquer this one. Giga 3 will Crash when I attempt to "rebuild QuickSound database" or if I right click on an instrument channel - select "Load Instrument" and pick a sound from pop-up window, Giga will immediately give me an error message (Program must exit...) and I have to END the program to quit.
    I have no instruments or drives listed in the QuickSound/Local Sampler area (lower left).

    Thanks for your help

    Windows XP Pro
    P4 2.6
    2 Gigs RAM
    Giga 3.12
    Nuendo 3.2
    Cubase SX 3.1
    MOL CP

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    Re: Giga 3 Crash when Loading Instruments

    Here's a recent post from Bruce Richardson that may help...



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    Re: Giga 3 Crash when Loading Instruments

    Thanks for the link. I actually appear to have no database at all. Any instrument I attempt to load (using the right-click method) causes a hang/crash. If I open the QS dialog and do anything there is a hang/crash. Where is the database file located?

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