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Topic: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

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    SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Ok, so I recently purchased the Metamorphasis Xpander but noticed that the expansion works a little differently then the Core library in that there's no individual groove element selection for them. Is that true or is there some different way to access the individual groove elements for the expansions? I know you can pretty much high pass / low pass / edit group / EQ to isolote frequencies you want, but I really like how the core library has those broken out separately so if I know I want say a "hat" for my track I just go to Groove Element and select that. Just really want to know if this is possible with the Xpanders. Thanks!

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Depends on the Xpander and how the loops were created in the first place. Many loops can only be created in a mixed format or in realtime....like the live drum grooves.

    In the case of Metamorphosis, all the loops are stereo...but the benefit is that there is a huge variety of different loops. Other Xpanders have separate elements, like NoizBox, Liquid Grooves, Stark Raving Beats and Ethno Techno.

    However, don't feel limited by stereo loops...there's still so much you can do within RMX to isolate individual elements within a stereo loop. I'd recommend getting into becoming a master of the powerful Edit Groups capabilities of RMX.

    Watch all three of these video tutorials and you'll learn a ton of ways to isolate and control sounds within a stereo audio loop:

    Edit Groups - Introduction.mov
    Edit Groups - Custom Groups.mov
    Edit Groups - Going Deeper.mov

    spectrum :-)

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Thanks for the response Mr. Persing! I think I've watched the videos twice now By far the best approach I've seen when it comes to teaching newcomers about what their instruments are capable of. I just wasn't sure if I had missed something in the Xpanders video about setting them up. And I've already ordered Liquid Grooves and Ethno Techno but haven't gotten them yet. Thanks again for the clarification and I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands the the Ethno Techno Xpander!

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum
    Other Xpanders have separate elements, like NoizBox...Stark Raving Beats and Ethno Techno...

    spectrum :-)
    So, these are real Xpanders? You have them?

    That would be so sweet!

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Yes....I would imagine the ILIO titles will be shipping any day very soon...really! :-)

    Ethno Techno came out particularly well....the new multis are really cool! :-)

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    This is the best news I've had all day!

    Thank you, Eric.

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    I can't wait to get Ethno Techno!! I ordered it about 6 weeks ago and check my email daily hoping I get the shipped notice Glad to hear it's any day now!

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    Will Ethno Techno be available for RMXat bestservice? What format am I looking for? I never tried any expansions for RMX, so i'm a newbie when it comes to this.

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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    AFAIK Best Service is the german distributor for Ilio products so it should be no problem to buy it from them as son as it becomes available.


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    Re: SAGE Xpander Groove Elements?

    I converted my Akai version of Ethno Techno. Will I be able to download the multis from somewhere or would I need to buy the Xpander to get them?

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