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Topic: very bid Problem with gigastudio 160

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    very bid Problem with gigastudio 160

    I have new Gigastudio 160.
    I have installed it and after the restart I got this report: MSGSRV32 causes a general protection injury into module: KRNL386.exe at 0002:00002 aaf.

    I had Gigasampler 1.6 before and everything was o.k.

    Has the Terratec EMS 64 xl for me. Perhaps this map isn\'t usably ??? with the giga-studio 160

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    Re: very bid Problem with gigastudio 160

    have problem with same file after GS160 install, when I dont load the drivers for my midi interface (a Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) Midi Time Piece AV (8 in, 8out)) all works OK and GS160 starts ups and works by using mouse clicks on the keyboard icon to play a loaded sample. So I beleive there is some midi conflict, may have to uninstall MOTU and reinstall. Have not had time to play around with it and will be upgrading computer rig to run this stuff anyways, so I\'m in no hurry. I did notice that after the install a file called MSG32 is running in background (hit ctrl / alt /delete keys together just once) and a file called SCOPE is put in the root directory, when this file is deleted it reappears on the next boot up.

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    Re: very bid Problem with gigastudio 160

    Played around with the midi drivers and my problem is related to Windows 95 having more than 10 midi drivers (Known Win 95 bug). GStudio loads four midi outs, the sound card loads a couple, and the MOTU MTP AV loads 10 (1-8, all out, & ADAT out). If all drivers are loaded you get file Msgsrv32 not working. if drivers are loaded after bootup and GStudio started then I get system error 4000. So looks like the only way to fix it is upgrade to Windows 98 second edition or just use the one midi in and out with the sound card.

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