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Topic: Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!

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    Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!

    Hi there,

    I wondered has anyone else noticed this? :

    When playing OLD lady or vintaudio C7 or White grand or the recent PCP-80 group buy piano - they all have the same flaw inside Halion 3, which (for me) makes them unplayable..

    With the sustain pedal held down - each repeated note cuts off its predecessor - as if there was a polyphony problem, when there isn't.
    (Athlon 3.2gig 939 and 2gigs of DDR + Saffire soundcard and Yamaha p120 controlling).

    i.e. - if you hit a loud note (say velocity 100 or so) and then play the same note quietly (e.g. 30-40), the first note cuts suddenly off when the second is played - ff to pp in a millisecond!
    When a REAL piano (or even my p120!) is played - the first loud note rings on, and the second quiet one softly plays underneath - when the sustain is held down of course.

    It's a bit like hitting a bell hard then tapping it, and the first rings disappears.!
    Not that an analogy is needed
    SO! (and thanks if you are still reading) - is this a Halion problem? Is it the programming?

    Please help, because only my p120 and "Thegrand 2" are playable.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!

    Hey Gavin

    This is very easy to fix.
    On the Sound Page > in the Grouping area > Overlap.
    Also see p. 116 in the PDF manual.

    We are talking Halion 3 here ?

    Best Regards

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    Re: Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!


    You are a genius!
    I cannot thank you enough!!

    I was using halion player - and there's nothing you can do about the problem there - but then I loaded in the Halion 3 demo and tried your setting and it worked beautifully

    I'm going to see if I can find a similar setting in VSampler3.52, to save me having to buy the upgrade to Halion 3.
    I feel that Halion Player is rubbish now - it claims to be able to import Halion 3 files but it can't - unless I can resave the halion files and then they'll work in Halion Player!?
    I'll try and see..

    Thanks again Bo,

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    Re: Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!

    I just tried resaving my adjusted .fxp file and then loading it into Halion Player - and the problem is still there..

    i.e. Halion Player cannot take account of "Sound Page > in the Grouping area > Overlap"

    - which means it is useless for piano stuff.

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    Re: Old lady/C7/White grand & PCP-80 problem!

    I don't think the Demo Halion 3 version can save.

    If you want I can fix them for you.

    Zip the fxp's (not the samples, only the fxp's) and mail them to me.


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