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Topic: www.pandora.com

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    A jazz guitar buddy of mine turned me on to this free web-streaming music site. I think it's excellent. Hey they've got Jaco Pastorius for goodness' sake.

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    Re: www.pandora.com

    Yes, Pandora.com is pretty cool. Too bad that they really don't have much as far as film music though.

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    Re: www.pandora.com

    You're no doubt right, but since I left South Louisiana, I've been between mountains in Kentucky and can't get much regular radio reception... but at least I've got broadband and a little jazz. Let me know if you find a site providing movie-music.

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    Re: www.pandora.com

    Try this: http://www.streamingsoundtracks.com/

    Fortunately they got OGG-streams back, which sound a lot better than the mp3 ones. Unfortunately I got flamed to hell for suggesting it to them and lately they play a lot of those Mediaventures scores that all sound like the same dumbed down children's music.

    Try it. Might be worth a listen.
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