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Topic: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

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    Lightbulb KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Work in progress!

    I would like to receive your feedback about this little work in progress, rendering an excerpt of the Overture n III in D by J.S.Bach.

    The aim is to reproduce the solemn sound of "historical" recordings of '60 and '70, but with a more modern (fast and accented) baroque interpretation.

    The sounds are all (excluding Harpsichord) from Kirk Hunter Symphonic Orchestra Emerald (including Chamber strings):
    3 solo trumpets, tympans, 2 solo oboe (playing as requested by the score in unison with 1st violins, then separed in the fugato), 4 chamber 1st and 2nd violins (solo violin for the end of fugato), 4 chamber violas, and continuo based on solo bassoon, 3 chamber cellos and solo bass.

    I didn't use yet any advanced scripting or audio editing/mixing: I post it now, because I'm already pleased with the effect quickly obtained. I think that it's possible to refine several things, (and KHSO is working out of its more natural field of modern filmic music) but it's going well nearly after a quick arrangement IMHO.
    It is a nice point, for a tool as composition-support.

    Overture n3 in D

    Comments are wellcome.

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    Question Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    ...really no comment?

    it doesn't help me...

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    Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Forgot to listen yesterday: it's rather late now so only listening on my laptop... I'll listen again on the desktop tomorrow. Sounds good, tho' (esp. the trumpets)...

    I enjoyed your Holberg rendition, BTW, using a "Historical Pespective" but, again, didn't reply at the time.


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    Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabio
    ...really no comment?

    it doesn't help me...
    Ok Fabio, here goes.
    An excellent start to a challenging work. So i'll comment about the moments that were obvious on the first listen.

    The Tympani lack a little punch. I don't mean louder, but maybe a litte EQ taking the 'muffling mids' down a little.
    The Trumpet could do with the same. A little edgier and brassier. Not the wide thick sound of Film, but that European precise sound, less thick, but cutting a bit more.
    I agree with Ern about the trills. They are very even. Maybe a little less precision would bring them to life a little more.
    I wonder if the balance is right between the upper strings and w/w. Given the context of the work, i still think the strings could come up a little.
    In the ritardandos, the tempo doesn't seem to slow enough into the pauses, before the new sections take off again.
    The overal structure of this is excellent, and the 'performance' precise enough to reflect the intent of the composer, with the style of music in context.

    I'm also impressed with the versatility of the library, and even out of its main design and style intent, i don't get the sense of inappropriate tone or articulation.
    I've been thinking about the KH library for a little while now. This certainly demonstrates the versatility, and 'bright' feel of the library well. And for the cost, there seems a lot in the package that would be useful not only for film, but for concert too. Certainly a significant option as a competent foundation library to build with, and still explore in its own right.
    I think Kirk should include this as a demo, as it will certainly help establish the KH series as significantly impressive. (I do like the tone of Kirk's stuff, and for me, tone is the key to yes or no when sample decisions are made.)

    My respects to you Fabio for good work,


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    Smile Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Thanks all for comments (I hope someone else will join).

    Alex, you are right on every point, and i think that most of them can be fixed, I'll try.

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    Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Right, listened to on the desktop. Initial impressions confirmed: very good (esp. the trumpets!).

    You say that you're interested in recreating a more historical approach: I feel that it would, perhaps, benefit from a slightly more measured tempo to emphasise the point.

    Just my opinions but then, I'm definitely "one of the old school"!

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    Smile Re: KHSO EMERALD plays Bach's Orchestral Suite n3

    Now I will try to implement suggestions, and I will start some better scripting application. I'll post the results soon.

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