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Topic: Bossa monocromatica

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    Bossa monocromatica

    My second work for JABB. It's kind of a bossa nova, showing several influences, from Jobim/Claus Ogerman to Gil Evans, Hancock, Donald Fagen...

    It's a huge download, but the piece developed on his own and i didn't have the heart to cut my poor creature.

    As always comments are welcome




    click on "scarica"

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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Wow Roberto, that is truly wonderful.

    All of the influences you cited are amongst my Favourite musicians, so I had a premonition that I was going to like it.

    Shades of " Speak like a Child" at times, which is one of my all-time favoutite pieces of music. !!!

    However what you are doing has a very unique sound, the arrangement flows beautifully, and the Piano playing is really beautiful.

    Ok. thats it, I am hooked. Do you have any CD's for sale.??


    regards Joe

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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Quote Originally Posted by joaz
    Shades of " Speak like a Child" at times, which is one of my all-time favoutite pieces of music. !!!
    Joe, thank you, that is one of my favourites as well, and it surfaced almost unconsciously. I like the sound of a trio/quartet with an orchestral background, better than an all orchestral music because it allows for a certain intimacy, and offers the solo instrument the chance to express his feelings.
    Thanks for your kindness


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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    My goodness - this one caught me by surprise. We have here the kind of thing I was hoping to hear when people started learning how to use JABB. Wonderful writing, wonderful use of colors, beautifully realized. This is astonishingly well done. Going to bed tonight with a smile on my face - it's very rewarding to hear the tools I've created put to use like this. Thanks, Roberto, for posting.


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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Colorful!! I like that!!

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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Tom, thanks for your comment. Really i am very grateful to you and mr Garritan for providing such an instrument. It gives me the possibility to write music and hear what my compositions would sound like. This was almost impossible before.

    Thank you


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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Hannes, thanks for listening, i'm glad you liked it


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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    Well done, Roberto!!!
    Great sound, great music.

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    Re: Bossa monocromatica


    This is excellent.

    Great color work and a superbly fluid arrangement, overall. Some of the subtle touches in the last half of the piece are inspired.

    Most enjoyable!


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    Re: Bossa monocromatica

    paolo10502 - thanks for listening

    David, thank you, this piece is closer than my previous one to the music i actually write and play, i'm glad you like it

    re-peat - thanks, you're right, maybe i should have called it bossa policromatica

    My best


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