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Topic: Free Instruments from PMI

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    Free Instruments from PMI

    Just in case you didn't know: our direct delivery server hosts our whole collection of sample libraries but also several free instrument files. You don't have to sign up for an account or anything, you can download them just like that and start playing with them.

    The free instruments are:
    - BANDOLEON: a nice little free Bandoleon. LLgeekJ wrote:
    Very quaint and romantic. Definitely download the free Button and Air file and add several of those samples to your instrument - puts it over the top! And it´s FREE!
    - A free set of lowest Bosendorfer 290 notes. The Bosendorfer is one of the few pianos with 92 keys instead of the standard 88. These lowest 4 notes are an addition to any piano when you need the extra fat bass note under a chord. A great free download from our server.
    - embedded GgaPulse files (Halls, pedal down sustain and pedal sounds)
    - Accordion AIR and Button sounds. Adds air and button clicks to accordion sample sets (like the free Bandoleon). Button clicks on key down and key release. And a special instrument with just the air flowing into and out of the accordion wind bag.
    - TODAY SPECIAL: A free 38 MB free HARP.

    All these free instruments and all our full libraries are available here!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Free Instruments from PMI

    thanks Michiel ... this is very cool of you. am downloading now

    had to add a little anvil in there for good measure

    will no doubt be back for more soon

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