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Topic: Humouresque for Clarinet and Strings

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    Humouresque for Clarinet and Strings

    This Humouresque uses JABB clarinet and GPO strings. The melody at the start returns at the end, while there is a contrasting section in the middle, rather like an improvisation where the strings have an insistent rhythm, despite the clarinet's efforts to get back to the main theme!

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    Re: Humouresque for Clarinet and Strings


    it has an interesting structure and nice melodical ideas.

    However what the strings play tells "I am a ragtime left hand piano score". So it does not sound like strings ... like an electronic organ at best.

    So I think if it is a piano score then it should be played with a piano.

    Or ... you really write for strings. Make them a partner for your music and be ready for an adventure. Give them something to do before they snorklingly fall from their chairs. If you write for strings every single voice should be interesting even if played alone.

    First add some more melodic lines in the strings score adding to the melody. You can use the longer notes or breaks in the clarinet solo to fill some string ideas in - making a conversation out of it. Change the rhythmic pattern now and then. And - most important - let them play phrases, use dynamics for this. This will work wonders.

    All the best

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    Re: Humouresque for Clarinet and Strings

    Good job on this, Eugene, though some of Hannes' remarks might be well considered, too.

    I found the recording a bit "dry", as well... perhaps a touch more reverb would help smooth the path.

    My best,


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