Hi all,

I'm looking to license about 11 instruments in gigasampler format. They'll be used to enhance an existing general MIDI set, but we're only looking for the more popular instruments, such as tenor saxophone, piano, double-bass, rhodes, etc. Obviously the sounds would have to have been created completely and would have to be owned completely by whoever we licensed them from. They also don't all have to come from the same source. For example, if someone has created a killer Rhodes sound, we could license it from them, but we may then go to someone else for the sax sounds, etc. The payment method we have in mind would be a non-exclusive buyout (in other words, we would buy the rights to use the sample, but you would then still be able to sell it to other sources).

If anyone is interested in working with us in this way, please either reply to this post, or email me at tobinf@hotmail.com with "Gigasampler sounds" in the subject field.