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Topic: Changing Modulation independently

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    Changing Modulation independently

    I am using the FULL STRGS KS library in slot one, and am trying to get a more flowing sound between notes, ie legato. Really to me it sounds like i need to put a crescendo on the beginning of each note and start them before the last note stops.

    So I'd really like to add phrasing to each note in GPO, is there a way of doing this without loading a set of 8 libraries and changing them channel by channel? ie a way to change each note independently using just one library loaded into one library sample slot in the Kontakt player?



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    Re: Changing Modulation independently

    You're always going to have to choose between convenience and realism with GPO, and it's good that the choice is there. I use convenience to write, and then go back and nit-pick my pieces to death to get the realism once the notes are in place.

    In your example, the full strings patch is far on the convenience end of the spectrum. The mod wheel will affect everything that is playing. I highly recommend switching to different full section patches so you can vary each section independently of the others. Aside from the extra realism, you'll avoid problems such as having one section play pizzicato while another plays arco.
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