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Topic: Petronella Again

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    Petronella Again

    Second movement of Petronella Sonata, named after my great-grandmother, Petronella Swenson Ekblad.

    Petronella II

    The link will lead to three choices.

    At the top, you will see a blue button to play the mp3.

    Just below that, you will see the score, if you have the Scorch plugin. Otherwise, a blank where the score ought to be. Here you can view the score and listen to the Scorch playback (GM), not a good sound, usually.

    Below this, under the heading of details, you will see a choice to download the mp3 file, which is the best choice if you want to hear, and don't have broadband. The mp3 is the GPO Steinway.


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    Re: Petronella Again

    Classic Wayland, and a very fitting and balancing successor to the first movement of Petronella.

    The somewhat more open, contemplative sound of this movement; the pauses for thought and reflection; seem a newer addition to your vocabulary.


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