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Topic: automatically reboot while starting gigatudio 2.54...

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    automatically reboot while starting gigastudio 2.54...

    My Gigastudio 2.54 always reboot the pc on startup(Tascam gigastudio 2.54 logo).It happens almost one time out of two,on both of my 2 pc(intel p5/p4,wave center pci,512/1g ram).If it's finally loaded it works correctly.But i just can't stand my pc reboots repeatedly.
    I wonder if this happens to others?
    And is there any thing i can do with it?

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    Re: automatically reboot while starting gigatudio 2.54...

    The problem still exists.And no one seems to experience the same thing....
    Double click GigaStudio Workstation --> Startup Logo --> Shut down and reboot
    Everyday I have to go through this several times before it's loaded successfully.It's such a pain~
    I email TASCAM but can't get any response.
    Anyone got any clue?

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