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Topic: Scarbee J-Bass- Amazing!!

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    Scarbee J-Bass- Amazing!!

    After months- heck, a year- of knowing I needed it I finally took advantage of the recent sale to pull the trigger on this lib. Man- it's just fantastic. I went for the Giga version. I was afraid it would be a programming nightmare to get good results but after loading up the jam bass patch all apprehension vanished- this is one of the most playable libraries I've come across. It took about 5 minutes to play killer parts on the fly complete with grace notes and slides. And the way the bass sits in a track is fantastic. This lib is everything I hoped it would be and more. Thanks Scarbee!!

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    Re: Scarbee J-Bass- Amazing!!

    Thanks man! More bass to come in future..
    Thomas Hansen Skarbye
    Singer, Bass Player, Composer
    & Creative Director, SCARBEE

    www.scarbee.com & www.myspace.com/scarbee

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