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Topic: RealGuitar & non-standard chords...

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    RealGuitar & non-standard chords...

    Hi everyone,

    I have seen that some of you guys are already using RealGuitar for creating guitar-parts. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to guitar, so I have a specific question:

    For a long time I have asked myself, if it is possible to generate non-standard-chords with RealGuitar (or other guitar-vstis), that are not natively supported. Like "Xm add11" or "Xsus2" for example (X as a placeholder for the key).

    Any hint would be appreciated. If it is not possible, does anyone have pointers to other VSTi which might allow such a thing, as I'm currently thinking about buying a guitar-library/instrument...


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    Re: RealGuitar & non-standard chords...

    You can. Why not grab the demo & check it out?


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