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Topic: not hearing my pedaling

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    not hearing my pedaling

    Sorry for the dumb problem. I'm using Sonar 4 Studio, and the piano in GPO as a VST. I don't hear the pedal when I play back. I had the same problem trying Old Lady, except then I heard the pedal while playing but not during playback. I'm getting notes, but no pedal. Help?

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    Re: not hearing my pedaling

    A little more info. I do have sostenuto enabled in the options for the Garritan player. Sometimes recording pedal data will work once, and I can see the pedal data there in Sonar; it just isn't working the vast majority of the time.

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    Re: not hearing my pedaling

    Use the first pedal mode in the Options, "normal sustain/sostenuto operation," for piano. If this doesn't give you constistent results take a look at the data in your tracks. Make sure that you see cc64 data in the desired locations (pedal up - cc64, value 0; pedal down - cc64, value 127.) I know you said you see the data - make sure the values are correct.


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