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Topic: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

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    DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    Sorry this is really OT - DPDan - my CM-H8A fell over on its stand (casualty of underestimated one year old baby) so am looking to replace - Superlux seem to have widened their range somewhat now -with CM-H8B, C, and D - any advice?

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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over


    sorry to hear that LOW
    Did it sound like this?


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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    Haha ...

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    Talking Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    That was GREAT!!!
    Did you post this before? I think I missed it.


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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    Quote Originally Posted by cptexas
    Did you post this before? I think I missed it.
    Of course, it's a classic!
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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    Did it sound like this?

    I really hate it when that happens.

    regards Joe

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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    I know what you mean Joe, the nice thing about loosing a mic like the one LOW saw drop to it's death is the fact that it is not $2500.00 not even $250.00, it is about $85.00. It is a nice sounding mic with a single 1" cardioid gold foil capsule. It is made in China but sounds fantastic, not as quiet as Neumann, but otherwise a really nice mic for the money. That even made me laugh again! Now to really understand and fully appreciate this recording, you need to know how I feel about certain microphones.
    All my life I have despised Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones. There horrible lack of high frequencies, their pathetic inability to withstand vocal popping P's without distorting the entire sound, and well, I won't go on. I actually used an old SM57 on one channel and an SM 58 on the other. If you listen closely, you can hear the windscreen (ha, some windscreen) fly off the 57 as it lands on the concrete floor and bounces a few feet in the basement. Hilarious! The buzz and junk I created in DP by partially unplugging a balanced 1/4" patchcord to the MOTU Traveler. I copied and pasted the buzz and the other noises to two separate channels to insinuate that the buzz was from the now defunked microphones. Of course both Shure mics still worked, but still sounded like crap. Nice to know that a mic can fall to it's timely death and still sound like it did when it was new. Some people love those things though.For those of you who love them I apologize for offending you. I have been blessed to have learned at an early age exactly the difference between nice condensor mics like AKG and Neumann and dynamic mics like Shures. I have to admit that Shure does now have some really nice mics, but 57's and 58's are not part of their nice new mics.
    Glad you guys enjoyed it.

    Here is a link to a short demo of some excerpts from a CD I did a few years ago with these Superlux and Avlex mics. The most expensive mic in the whole session was $90.00, the one used on the Hi-Hat. This entire CD was recorded on old Alesis black face ADAT machines and a cheap mackie board. I did use some of my old DBX compressors, a desesser and my lovely Lexicon 200 reverb. No automation back then. Listen too me,,,, a few years ago, and I am referring to back then. WOW how times do change fast. I didn't actually sell all my Neumann mics,,,, you don't think I'm that crazy do you?.... Don't answer that


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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    Very nice piece!

    Thanks again for the advice - a new £50 CM-H8A it is then!

    While I was 'in the market', I was going to get a pair as I also just bought an X/Y adaptor from my mic stand and wanted to do some recording in stereo , I remember you not being bothered about 'stereo matched pairs' before DP? Does that hold for X/Y recording (something I've never tried before)?

    Don't know what it sounded like as it fell, but this is what it looks like now:

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    Re: DPDan help - mic stand fell over

    I would glue that sucker back together and try it out. Microphones that are available as matched are a joke most of the time. A "matched pair" does not mean sequential serial numbers. Alot of cheap manufacturers have dealers that know nothing about matching microphones. They certainly don't have an anechoic chamber and test gear to test microhones for frequency response and other specifications, like distortion and signal to noise ratio.

    A truly matched parir of microphones comes from the manufacturer where all the microphones produced in a given "run" are all tested, and then specs for each microphone are documented by serial number. Once all the mics are tested, they are paired up with "like" specs.

    Most of the time, any of us can make stereo XY recording and get fabulous results without having to pay the extra amount just to have a matched pair.

    I am not against matched paired microhones, but unless you are recording for a major label and getting paid really big bucks, don't bother.

    That's just my opinion, I know some will disagree, and that's OK too

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