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Topic: JABB - Some cues for a film

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    JABB - Some cues for a film


    This is some of the cues to a non-budget film a friend of mind has made.
    The film is a detective story for children.
    It's not the final mixes, so if there are any suggestions, please go ahead.
    I have rendered separate wave files from Finale (2006 HP) and mixed in Acid Pro 5. It's run through Izotopes VST Vinyl and Ambience.

    From JABB I've used:

    Alto sax 1
    Tenor sax 1
    Bariton sax 1
    Bass clarinet
    Trumpet 1&2 harmon mute
    Trombone 2&5 harmon mute
    Steinway jazz piano
    Upright bass 1


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    Re: JABB - Some cues for a film

    Really good job on these, Tangram.

    Each definitely has its own clear flavor and ambience.

    Good speed with the film!


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    Re: JABB - Some cues for a film

    Great sound you get from the JABB, Mats.
    Some nice Bass programming . In certain places you can hear the bass player "reaching" for the note.

    Good stuff.

    regards Joe

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    Re: JABB - Some cues for a film

    These are so cool! Such a really strong sense of the character and mood of each piece. Really nice job with the writing and programming.

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    Re: JABB - Some cues for a film

    Thank you all!


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