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Topic: Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

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    Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

    Hey everyone,

    I recently watched Black Rain again for the first time in ages and have been listening to Zimmers score from it quite a bit. I thought it would be fun as a side project to capture the ethno synth driven vibe of that score as best I could while avoiding the use Hans' themes (though the darker theme at the beginning is pretty close). All of the synths are from Atmosphere, and much of the ethnic wind and drum multisamples are from the kong audio VSTs (which are quite good for the price). Overall I think it turned out rather well... so here it is, "Shotguns and Sushi", enjoy!


    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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    Re: Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

    I think your little tribute is maybe a bit too similar to what Hans did. There are so many different ways to approach using synths and ethnic instruments that I think you'd probably have more fun doing something totally your own. Some of my favorite scores are from Japanese games and animation that combine synths and ethnic elements in unique ways. Some are so good that they completely blow my mind--much better than what Hans did in Black Rain.

    The Black Rain Suite did have a huge impact on me as a teenager though. Back then not many people were fusing synths with orchestral and ethnic stuff--so it was quite unique. I did have beef with how stereotypically ignorant its basis was though when it came to getting that Japanese sound. Pentatonic scale is the cliched "automatically eastern sound," but it really isn't the traditional Japanese sound. Traditional Japanese scale contains half-steps, and those half-steps are essential for that haunting Japanese sound. Typically, when non-Asians compose stuff that's supposed to be eastern, they tend to get lazy and use the stereotypical pentatonic scale instead of actually researching the targeted culture.

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    Re: Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

    Or they (or the director/producer) are not interested in the traditional japaneese sound, but rather a sound that westerners perceive as Asian.

    Does not have to have anything to do with lazyness.

    Fine tribute btw

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    Re: Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

    I like it, Rich.

    Marcussen, I agree on the perception thing. I recently worked on a project where they thought they wanted to use some traditional Persian tuning. I did quite a bit of research trying to get it right. After hearing some tracks, which they ultimately said "just sound out of tune to us" they decided that western tuning with Persian sounding elements would fit better.

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    Re: Shotguns and Sushi - Black Rain Tribute

    Glad you all liked it! It was really just a case study for me.. a study in synth implementation into a score. Lately I've been really listening to older scores which utilized synths.. really fascinating to me and definately cool to emulate as side projects! Thanks again for the comments. Will - glad to see you here, hope your projects are going well!

    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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