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Topic: TCS - Tone Color Script

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    TCS - Tone Color Script

    Hi all,

    There is a new script on the K2 page called TCS - Tone Color Script. (third one)


    Put simply; the Tone Color Script automatically transposes your samples up or down on the keyrange and then retunes them to that key.

    You can get some very interesting and exotic results with one shot instruments such as Piano and Harp. A Piano at -10 colour can sound similar to a Harpsichord while a Orchestral harp would sound more like a Celtic harp.
    As you can see it's more of a sound manipulation tool, you can get some crazy pads and textures by manipulating sustain samples or you can change single shot samples. It's like changing the body of the instrument and the strings, so a harp at -9 color would sound like a much smaller harp with smaller strings.

    The idea is very similar to what the Edirol Hyper Canvas uses so it's nothing new, but now you can do it with any samples from within Kontakt 2.

    There is no full documentation as this is a small side-release, but there is a simple Readme.txt file that explains the functions and should cover you.

    Again the author is our Bib Bob. Thank you very much Big Bob!
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: TCS - Tone Color Script

    Thank you so much Theo.

    Another free one. I already downloaded it. Didn't try it yet, but will soon.


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