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Topic: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

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    Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    I was wondering if somebody could do the same lick in the "Saxophone selection" demo for all of the saxophones. I noticed that only some of the saxophones are performed and would like to hear all of the available saxophones in the JABB performed in that way. I was interested in buying JABB (I think can get it halfprice because I entered in a contest last year and someone won a free JABB and good for him, JABB looks like a brilliant product and I'm keen on it more now than ever).

    Just wanted to hear the saxes and maybe the other instruments too, with the same licks. I'm sure someone could pull it off. I've asked this before, but have had no answers. Sorry to bother, but I'd really like to hear all the saxes with that same lick in the selection sax demo. That would give me an idea of what to expect.

    I'd really appreciate a demo if one can cook a demo up for me. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Think I've asked before...

    Ben, here it is, click on "scarica"

    Alto Sax 1
    Alto Sax 2
    Alto Sax 3
    Bari Sax 1
    Bari Sax 2
    Bass Sax 1
    Bass Sax 2
    C Melody Sax 1
    C Melody Sax 2
    Contrabass Sax 1
    Mezzo Soprano Sax
    Sopranino Eb
    Soprano Sax 1
    Soprano Sax 2
    Subcontrabass Sax
    Tenor Sax 1
    Tenor Sax 2
    Tenor Sax 3
    Tenor Sax 4


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    Re: Think I've asked before...

    Most useful! Thank you, Roberto.


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    Re: Think I've asked before...

    D, Eb, G, C, B

    should be

    D, Eb, G, B, Bb G, Eb,
    Bb, C#, D, Bb, D, Eb, Eb

    gotcha! just teasing you Roberto, however, all kidding aside, there is alot of pumping in volume of all the notes. Each note abruptly drops in volume after every attack as though there is a gate partially cutting level. Something is seriously going on with velocities.
    Check it out. Try eliminating each of your audio plugins to see if that's what's doing it.

    It sounds like a Dolby B encoded cassette playing back with Dolby C, that kind of pumping.

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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    Wow, I never thought there were 2 bari, 2 bass, 2 contrabass saxes and 4 tenors...wow. I always thought there was 1 bari, 1 bass, 1 contrabass and 3 tenors. WOW!!! I'm always surprised by JABB.

    I think I'm on to a winner here!

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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    DPDAN, thanks for pointing this out. No gate though, just the breath controller that sometimes gives some too abrupt volume changes. I have fixed and reposted the file. You may find that you still don't like the phrasing but this is a matter of taste. As for wrong notes, this was done on purpose, because i like not to resolve the ninth until you get to the tonic chord. I have kept it this way, sorry.


    PS i don't know where i copied the instrument list, i think the manual, but there's only one contrabass sax and not two as indicated, fixed it.

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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    I was really just teasing about the two different notes

    The pumping definately is an issue since all the notes do this.
    No offense intended


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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    Dan, i definitely don't feel offended, on the contrary, i want to receive criticism when it's aimed at getting better results (i apologize for my english). But if you still hear a pumping, well, that's the way a sax is expected to sound in the jazz idiom in my opinion. Please consider that i have used exactly the same midi file for all of the saxes, so maybe some renders better than others. I hope this file can be useful anyway



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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    I have recorded a few saxes and swelling of notes is expected, but not a pumping sound on every note. Just my opinion.

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    Re: Think I've asked before...All Sax Demo

    It might be very interesting to hear some saxophone player's point of view, for this is in my opinion a crucial topic for anybody dedicated to producing jazz mockups


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